Knowledge Bowl destroys in third meet of the season

Karen Manley

   On Saturday, January 21, the Fossil Ridge High School Knowledge Bowl Team competed in their third meet of the season at Windsor High School.  A team finished the day in first place with 117 points, B team in second with 104, C team tied for ninth with Berthoud’s A team at 82 points, and D team got fifteenth with 62 points

The Sabercats showed up in ties and dresses, when other schools wore jeans. Mrs. Cranor commented, “I’ve had several parents of other teams tell me we are dressed for success and look ready to compete.” But luckily, it was not solely in attire that Fossil stood out.

Team A hardly let the speaker finish his question before fast buzzing and answering. Topics everywhere from biblical battles to polygons, from Marco Polo to art history were free game. The students hurriedly racked their brains, scrounging for any bit of information that may help in answering the questions.

As the Sabercats went into the fourth round, they were up by just three points. “Round three was rough. Hopefully we can pull ahead in round four. It’s a little stressful because it is only a three-point lead but it’ll be fine,” said competitor James Zheng. “We have to stay on top of our game to make sure our responses are educated,” added Bryce Poirot.
Just as Zheng predicted, the Fossil A team took first place. “It feels great. All our hard work payed off. We’ve been working really hard and that makes the victory even sweeter,” said an excited Ryan Yu. The team’s next tournament is February 4, where they hope to do even better.