Knowledge Bowl beats cross-state rivals


Photo Credit: Karen Manley

Karen Manley

On Saturday, January 13, Fossil Ridge High School’s Knowledge Bowl Team took first place at their home meet, beating the team from Grand Junction 114 to 110.

“We did pretty well the first three rounds. But then, our rivals, Grand Junction, almost made a comeback in the fourth round,” said future valedictorian, Jay Chandra. In the final oral round, Fossil scored just 8 when Grand Junction scored 16. This score, while stressing both onlookers and team members, cemented Fossil’s win.

A-team competitor, James Zheng added that he was “very impressed with [Fossil’s] sophomores,” and believes, “Ryan Yu has been an excellent leader.”

This was a crucial win for the team as they grow closer to the postseason. After a season of four hour practices every day, the team is set for success and ready to dominate at their next meet on January 27.