Softball loses to Regis in state competition


Jayden Mercado is in tears after losing to Regis

Madalynn Lewis, Sports Beat Leader

Fossil Ridge High School Varsity Softball suffered a loss to Regis High School 2-3 on Friday, October 19. The Sabercats were ranked number two in the state while Regis was only ranked number seven. The two teams were evenly matched, as most of the game was tied 2-2.

The game started like many others during the Sabercats regular season games, with Fossil scoring two runs right away. Mercado hit for a single and landed on first base, followed by another single to first base. Moddelmog also hit for a single, allowing the Sabercats to score two runs. Regis scored near the top of the fifth inning, tying the game up at 2-2. The remainder of the game was hard fought by both teams. Unfortunately, Regis scored again in extra innings. Regis had a runner on third base, and then another Regis player bunted the ball. Fossil was able to get the third base runner out. Unfortunately, an inaccurate throw allowed the player rounding second base to push all the way to home plate. making the final score 3-2.

Because of the single elimination rule, the Sabercats will not advance any further in their state-run.

The shock of losing could clearly be seen on the girls, coaches, and fans faces. The heartbreaking loss early in the tournament felt like a “punch in the gut”. Hopefully next year the Sabercats will take advantage of the new season, and a fresh start.