Harlem Wizards visit Fossil Ridge High School


Melissa May

The Wizards run around the court and do basketball tricks.

Melissa May and Kelly Colanto

On the evening of Monday, February 25, the Harlem Wizards came to Fossil Ridge High School for a Poudre School District fundraiser in order to promote Fossil Ridge’s upcoming after prom. The goal of after prom is to promote good behavior at school functions, such as dances, without drinking or drugs. This year’s After Prom will be held at The Summit, a popular bowling place and arcade in Windsor.

There were children whose parents paid extra money so their kids could participate in the game and meet the Wizards. These “Wiz Kids” received a special jersey and pass which allowed them to go on the court and play basketball with the teams. The audience consisted mainly of children in elementary and middle school, who brought their families along in order to support the cause.

The main idea of this event was not to have a competitive basketball game and a clear winner, but to have a fun entertainment-filled night filled with music, tricks, and fun, which was clearly achieved. Afterward, the score was 75-68, with a win for the Wizards. At the end of the night, families all walked away with a smile on their faces.