Movie Review: Endgame



Picking up from Avengers: Infinity War, Endgame brings a new kind of journey to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The following review contains no spoilers. However, for the best experience viewing the film, I recommend seeing it without viewing any secondary or preconceived opinions.

Approximately fifty minutes ago I exited Cinemark after seeing Avengers: Endgame for the first time. As someone who has written tons of movie reviews, I found myself truly stumped. I honestly had no idea how to even begin to comprehend this film, much less put words on a page. I believe no amount of explanation or description can genuinely describe the experience of watching Endgame—it is a film that demands to be seen.

Putting my thoughts as simply as possible: Endgame blew my mind. Every element of the plot flowed seamlessly together in one unexpected journey. I went into this film with an open mind, totally oblivious yet open to possibilities. For Endgame, I tried to avoid doing something I love: speculation. Typically, I love going into films after watching almost every single trailer breakdown and theory video I can find on YouTube. I recognize that a great deal of people probably do not emotionally invest themselves into a film not yet released as I do, but to me it is second nature. I love to see every possible outcome imaginable and still be blown away with what actually happens. After seeing a few recent movies ruined by the amount of speculation I do, I decided to go into Endgame only viewing the trailers a few times, completely clueless to what would happen.

What met my eyes when I walked into the theater was one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen, if not the most beautiful. Everything from the visual detail to the character’s appearances brought me emotions such as sorrow and nostalgia. Endgame bears a connection to Avengers: Infinity War while simultaneously paying tribute to all the original Marvel movies.

It goes deep, straight to the soul, and will not back down when it comes to every little feeling.”

Emotions from the movie were contagious; they pulled me in so easily and brought the experience to a level beyond any previous Marvel movie. I tried to think of a movie that matches its intensity and diversity of emotions, yet none came to mind. It creates a new level where there is more than just happiness and sadness from a movie. During the film, I cried out of happiness and sadness, almost screamed after plot reveals a few times, got an intense amount of energy, and was often shaking out of anticipation. Endgame goes past general feelings, or watching characters feel. It goes deep, straight to the soul, and will not back down when it comes to every little feeling.

In the past few years, superhero movies are becoming increasingly more diverse and relatable. However, I often still find it difficult to understand the main characters’ stories due to them being, well, supernatural. Endgame stripped the characters of this at times, and I could see them as they are at their core: human. They endure excruciating loss, uncontrollable rage, and the shame of failure—things that last and weigh, and cannot go away. They linger on the past, and feel the need to give up. It is these heavy topics that are touched on often in film, but usually only for a few minutes before a character figures everything out. Seeing the characters go on a more genuine and real journey was a very good change from an action movie.

The setting and mood tied perfectly together in a depressed, post-apocalyptic way. Every piece of dialogue, every character’s clothing and hair choices, every lighting effect helped enhance the feel of the film. Every element, including visuals, plot, dialogue, tone, and character development recalled every little detail from the characters’ pasts and brought them full circle. The attention to detail and themes in Endgame are incredibly complex, and more beautiful than any other film.

I could rant about everything that happened in the action sequences, from how they displayed the best moments of character growth to how stunning they were. However, I cannot do so without spoilers. The action sequences, especially the final one, were powerful and impactful. I do not think I can even put into words how amazing they were. To me, they were the best parts of the film, and I believe they deserved recognition here even though I cannot talk about what made them so impactful to me.

Experience the experience I guarantee will take your breath away.”

Avengers: Endgame is a must-see. There is so much that I cannot say or explain because I want to do justice to the audience and not spoil anything. I cannot explain fully how exceptional this film is, how visually stunning and how emotionally wrenching it is. See it for yourself. Experience the emotion that your heart will genuinely feel. Experience the incomprehensibility from the greatness of the plot. Experience the experience I guarantee will take your breath away.

I do not recommend seeing it without seeing the Avengers movies at least, although watching all previous Marvel movies gives the best experience. This film has blown both my expectations and my standards away. I do believe it is my new favorite film, for now at least. I give Endgame a five out of five stars; this is the first film I have seen in my life that I believe deserves five stars wholeheartedly. This film will not disappoint. Marvel has brought its best, and Endgame is one that is both unmissable and one to watch countless times.