Class of 2023 takes on Fossil


Anna Henning

Walking through the tunnel to begin the next four years before adulthood, encouraged by teachers and staff.

Anna Henning, Head Copy Editor

As many scrambled last minute to start and Advanced Placement (AP) summer homework or go to the pool one last time, students began to fill Fossil Ridge High School on August 19. Incoming freshman and student volunteers arrived for the brand new start of 9:00 a.m. for their transition day. Throughout the day, leaders and staff hoped to get incoming students more comfortable with the layout of the school, its culture, and feeling more confident before upperclassmen show up. 

The morning began with check-in, as freshman found their way to their designated student leaders. Coming from groups such as the Culture Team, Student Council, National Honor Society, and more, these leaders stayed with the advisory classes all day to promote school spirit and help navigate the building. Unlike previous years, students met near the gyms, commons, and both the East and West locker bays instead of all groups in the commons. This helped spread out advisory classes more, allowing them to have more room to get to know each other. 

Continuing the Fossil tradition, the teachers lined the hall towards the Performing Arts Center (PAC), clapping for them and cheering for their first day of high school. This follows the tradition of arriving and leaving through these tunnels, showering incoming freshman and outgoing seniors with support.

Throughout the morning, administration was introduced, the color dance was promoted, and the outstanding Tyler Durman spoke. As the motivational speaker presented for students, everyone laughed and held their breaths through funny stories and darker ones. Durman was passionate about teaching respect, the damage of internalizing struggles, and showing that so many people can support these students as they grow up.

In another tradition, the class of 2023 created their lip sync videos to this year’s theme of “musicals.” Music selections varied from Broadway shows to movie soundtracks. Students were encouraged to take initiative, bring new ideas, and get outside their comfort zones. Every student participated, getting out of classrooms to execute their idea for their song. 

After lunch, five-minute windows for each class allowed students to briefly meet each teacher, getting help on classroom locations and easing nerves before the building is completely full. After returning to the PAC, music video creations were shown, and club representatives from a few school organizations promoted their groups. Durman spoke again, and classified staff members were introduced. The day wrapped up with the cheer team leading the class in a few cheers done at games and assemblies. 

Advice was shared, laughs were had, nerves were calmed, and the first day of high school was complete. Another new class has joined the Fossil family, and they will celebrate being Sabercats one “Sko Ridge” at a time.