Player Profile: Gavin Hagstrom

Gavin Hagstrom is a Senior beginning his final high school golf season. Hagstrom has been playing golf for as long as he can remember, but actually got serious about it when he was ten years old. He gained his passion for the sport from his father who shares a similar love for it and taught him to play at a very young age. Hagstrom has played in many different places including Sweden, South Carolina, and obviously Colorado.

Golf is a huge part of Hagstrom’s life and takes up the majority of his time. He spends about 40 hours a week practicing on his own, along with the golf team. Hagstrom has a work ethic that puts him above other athletes, but also motivates them to get to where he is. When described by his coaches, Andy Stevens and Jamie Menefee, he is the type of leader that leads by example. Stevens explained how Hagstrom always wants to be the best and play at the next level. He has “a library of drills” that he performs to get better and other golfers see him doing them and working hard, so they latch onto his example and use him as motivation. 

Despite his work ethic and drive to be the best, off the field Hagstrom has a unique character. His coaches describe him as, “weird, methodical, endearing, hilarious, silly and supremely confident.” His interesting personality always brightens people’s moods and he never fails to make people laugh. He does whatever he can to bring his teammates up whenever they are down and set an example for them on the team. 

The golf team at Fossil Ridge High School is leading their conference by thirty shots, and Hagstrom is leading them, being in the number one spot on the team. Hagstrom has lots of faith in the team this year and believes they will have a good shot at state. He expects to compete in the state tournament this year and “leave a positive footprint on the community,” meaning he wants other players to see the entire team as great role models and motivate other golf teams to be like Fossil’s.

Over the years, golf has taught Hagstrom that working hard truly does pay off and if you do not work hard, you will not perform the way you want to. He has had many accomplishments in his career, including being named the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour Player of the Year in 2018. After asking his coaches where they see him in the near future, Stevens stated, “He’s got every chance, every opportunity to be a division one golfer.” Menefee added, “Gavin will fit in well bc of cultural background,” having lived in another country and playing in many different states. Hagstrom is looking at four different division one schools at the moment to continue his golf career. His work ethic and passion for the game will take him far in this career as he moves forward. 

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