Fossil’s art students paint new stools

Melissa May, Arts Writer

Over the past two weeks, members of Fossil Ridge High School’s AP Art classes and National Art Honor Society alike have been painting the stools in the art rooms. The art classrooms have recently received new stools with masonite tops that are able to be painted on. “We’ve always wanted them painted so the first project our AP students did was to paint the stools. Now, our National Art Honor Society students are getting to paint them as well,” explained Chelsea Ermer, one of Fossil’s art teachers. 

One student took on a creepier theme as they painted their stool.

The students that painted the stools got to choose their designs and how they wanted to execute their artwork. They did have some guidelines as to what their paintings had to feature. AP students were asked to model their stools after artworks based on contemporary artists and more modern pieces. NAHS students were modeling their stools after historical pieces of art, but they can edit them however they choose.

A student’s unfinished artwork depicts an ocean in the works.

Ermer described some of the student paintings she has seen so far. “We have a student who’s doing The Scream but it has Squidward in it or we have someone doing Claude Monet’s painting of lily pads but instead it has rubber ducks in it. They get to be as creative with it as they want and it’s a lot of fun for the kids.”

An art student decides to follow a more abstract theme in their painting.

Students seemed to thoroughly enjoy the project, whether they were from AP classes or NAHS. “I really enjoyed researching and picking out old art as my inspiration, and I actually felt really good about the final product and having it in the school for others to see,” National Art Honor Society member, Abby Samona voiced her thoughts on the project and her finished product.