Sources of stress on Fossil students


Frerichs works on homework.

Beth Farrand, Arts Writer

The amount things an average teenager has on their plate in one day is amazing. Dealing with things such as work, school, relationships, home life and sports or extracurricular. These things can cause these kids to be under a great amount of stress. 

A survey produced by New York University was given to 128 juniors at two different private schools. This survey’s purpose was to identify, understand and help high school students who suffer from chronic stress. 

According to a 2015 news release by New York University, “About half (48%) of those surveyed reported completing at least three hours of homework a night, with girls 40 percent more likely to report three or more hours of homework a night than boys…Nearly half (49%) of all students reported feeling a great deal of stress on a daily basis and 31 percent reported feeling somewhat stressed. Females reported significantly higher levels of stress than males (60% vs. 41%).”

At Fossil, students were asked what causes them the most stress. 66% replied with school related answers, while 17% said work and the other 17% didn’t have an answer. 

These students were also asked how they deal with/ relieve themselves from this stress. About one fourth of the students said they take deep breaths and try to relax. Others said talking to close friends or completing the assignment is how they relieve stress. 

Stress is common for many people, especially high school students. Knowing that you are not alone and how others deal with their stress can help a lot.