Player Profile: Shjon Mosser

Nick Bell

Shjon Mosser is a Senior and quarterback for Fossil Ridge High School. His cool demeanor and friendly attitude reflect his open-mindedness and work ethic on the field. Mosser’s love for the sport started young, when he played flag football. Seeing bigger kids in pads sparked his passion for football, and that passion has been continuously fueled by his teammates and his drive to make his school proud.


Brotherhood is a big part of Mosser’s game, and this brotherhood is what Mosser values most of his time as an athlete. With 29 seniors on the football team, Mosser is trying to savor his last season with those he considers his brothers. “It’s definitely something that hits me, especially after rivalry games, because it’s tough in that moment knowing it’s the last time you’re gonna play against those teams,” he explains.


Mosser takes game-day seriously, with a vigorous preparation routine. “The whole week I’m usually watching film, especially with hard games, I’ll watch anywhere from 10-15 hours of film to prepare. Then the night before, I’ll usually go home and eat a big bowl of pasta, and usually at 9:30 or 10 I’ll shut everything off and just visualize.”


Pride is important to Mosser. When asked what motivates him to continue with football, even when the going gets tough, he explains, “It’s about pride and the number on my back. Knowing that’s what makes my family proud and keeping the [football] family going.”


Goodbyes are never easy. For Mosser, the hardest part about ending his high school football career is saying goodbye to the community he’s been a part of for four years. In the future, if Mosser was to get a college scholarship, he “would definitely go play [college football].”


When asked what his biggest inspiration was, Mosser replied, “I’d have to say my mom.” Whether it’s his brothers on the field, or his mom and dad at home, family is an essential part of Mosser’s game.