Player Profile: Nathan Novak


Corlea Miller, Sport's Writer

Nathan Novak, a Fossil Ridge High School Senior, plays safety on the Varsity Football team. Novak describes his feelings about playing his last season of high school football, saying, “It came very fast and I’m a little nervous for it to end.” Novak first chose to play football in fourth grade, but ended up quitting because he did not like the violent hits. He started back in seventh grade and has been going strong ever since, as he genuinely has lots of fun playing. Novak continues playing because he loves the sense of brotherhood it creates between teammates and all the new friendships that come from it.

Novak feels that the best thing about playing high school sports is the sense of community and family you acquire outside of your real family, which makes it an amazing thing to be a part of. With a heavy heart, he says the thing he will miss the most after this last season is simply being able to play with the people who mean the most to him. Novak explains that his biggest inspiration and supporter is his father because he has been his role model throughout life and has always helped him with football and baseball.

Novak describes his traditions of getting ready for a game by watching films of the opposing team on his way to the game, listening to his favorite music, and watching some of his favorite players highlights. 

Novak’s favorite part about game day is arriving to the stadium because he loves seeing the stadiums completely empty, as well as the bus ride before. On the bus he is able to spend time with his team while they are not training or practicing, so they have time to relax and talk before they play again. 

Novak experiences a few different emotions throughout a game: “sadness, happiness, and anger” are the most common for him. His main motivation for playing is currently to earn a scholarship so that he can get out into the world and continue pursuing the sport he loves the most “so that he doesn’t end up living at home forever.” He considers a successful season for him being getting into the 5A Front Range best players again like he did his sophomore year. He has been working hard this year and staying motivated to achieve this goal of his and it has been looking good as far as reaching it once again. 

As far as training, Novak has a love-hate relationship with it. He describes that training is hard because it is mentally and physically draining, however, he likes that it gets his body in shape, and keeps him healthy and ready for the field. 

As far as injuries, he has been lucky enough to suffer from just one so far, which occurred this year in a game against Fort Collins High School. Novak unfortunately snapped his thumb and broke it, requiring surgery. This injury came as a result of a tackle he made where his thumb got caught on the other player. Novak plans to continue his football career and go on to play in college, whether it be at Garden City Community College or Black Hills State University. 

Novak feels one thing he could improve and work on would be his speed for football. He says he is blessed to have skills and assets that have helped him to be successful in football and to be a great asset to the team. He enjoys playing his position because of the violent hits he gets to make on the other team. 

Novak’s most proud achievements thus far in his football career has been getting looked at by colleges and coaches for conference and most importantly, getting asked to play for the United States National Football Team. Novak’s long term goals for now are getting to play in college, and short term is to have a winning season at Fossil to end out his last season here. Novak’s genuine passion and drive for the game is apparent to everyone and his undeniable skill and stamina have made him essential to the team.