Fossil’s choir sings the night away


Vox Femina, voted best women’s choir in Colorado, according to CMEA.

Beth Farrand, Arts Writer

Fossil Ridge High School’s choir department put on an amazing performance in the Performing Arts Center on October 16, 2019. During the concert, six groups performed, including Fossil’s very own acapella group. They were directed by John Garner and Bri McCormick, hosted by Ryan Cleverly and Chloe Iverson, and accompanied by pianist Hannah Swanson. 

The show began with Sabercat choir, followed by Women’s Choir, Chamber Choir, Vox Femina, Men’s Choir and the school’s acapella group known as Tenth Bass. Each group sang approximately four songs while on stage. 

Each group received great reactions from the audience. Men’s Choir was successful in making the audience laugh with their performance of If You’ve Only Got a Mustache, which contained props. 

As always, a few announcements were made between groups during the concert. These included CMEA and All State Choir. Vox Femina were submitted to a group known as Colorado Music Educators Association, or CMEA. This choir group was judged along with approximately 70 to 100 other groups and was voted the very best women’s choir in the state of Colorado. 

Singers were also able to audition for All State Choir, which is composed of the best singers who auditioned. This year, twenty-eight students from Fossil auditioned. Results come in November.