Fossil’s choir shares Halloween spirit at Frankenstein Fundraiser


Melissa May

Mariana Sandri (left), Makenna Tamlin (middle), and Manuela Sousa (right) performed the song Say My Name from the Beetlejuice show on Broadway.

Melissa May, Arts Writer

Fossil Ridge High School’s choir program held its first fundraiser performance of the year on Monday, October 28 at 6:00 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center, and it brought in over $800. The “Frankenstein Fundraiser” took on a Halloween theme and the PAC was decked out with a variety of candles, pumpkins, and other fun Halloween decorations. This concert was the first seasonal concert of the year, with others to follow with themes for Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Students from all of Fossil’s choirs were invited to participate in the show and show off their skills. The only guideline as to what songs they had to choose was that the songs had to have Halloween undertones. Students chose songs such as Dammit Janet from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Say My Name from the Beetlejuice Broadway show, and even the Ghostbusters theme song. “I thought it was really fun to get to perform with my friends in a low-stress environment, as well as getting to see everyone else’s performances and costumes,” stated Mariana Sandri, one of the performers in the showcase.

The fundraiser was held in order to donate to a public elementary school in Aurora, Colorado called Cimarron Elementary. Many of the school’s programs, specifically its music program, are underfunded and require the teachers to pay for things for the school with their own money. The Frankenstein Fundraiser provided an opportunity for students and parents alike to give back to the community and those who are in less fortunate situations.

Melissa May
Many costumes, such as Beetlejuice, vampires, and even a doll, were shown off during the costume contest.

After about thirty minutes of performances, the show’s intermission began. They took the opportunity to show a video displaying a teacher at Cimarron Elementary School who spoke about the issues they face at their school, and what the donated money would be going towards. They also provided a variety of snacks and drinks for those attending. 

After everyone returned to their seats, they began a costume contest for all of those participating in the fundraiser. Before the songs resumed, the emcees played a game of musical chairs with a few students in the show along with few in the audience.

Overall, the fundraiser showcased much of the talent at Fossil and was a fun event for not only those who came to watch but for those involved as well. Mariana Sandri expresses how she felt about her role in the show by saying, “Honestly, it was just a super cool night, and I had so much fun getting the chance to perform alongside my friends. I had a really good time.”