What Happened to Diversity Day?


Alaina Yeager

What happened to Diversity Day? The last Diversity Day was two years ago, but since then it has ceased to exist. The day is no longer being called by the word ‘diversity,’ as it had been called for about five years, and many people started to get annoyed by that. The word ‘diversity,’ without having a lot of knowledge or background information, started to have a negative effect on Fossil Ridge High School’s community. So, there had to be some kind of change to make this day more fresh in our minds.

Last year, Diversity day became Day to Be. It was a day to be yourself and show everyone who you are. This year the day will be called Day to see, meaning it is a day to make people feel seen and a day for people to see yours and others’ stories. The point of day to see is to honor each individual and to hear their stories. The purpose of this is to teach students to accept and understand one another, without using the word ‘Diversity’ to capture that. The school was stuck on focusing on Diversity, but then realized that is not a good way to gain attention when the word is used repeatedly for years.

How many people do you pass in the hallways every single day and you have no idea who they are? What about your advisory, how well do you know the students you get to spend four years with? Day to see is a day to get to know your classmates better, and to understand them and who they are better. 

So many students walk through the hallways feeling invisible but if we even take the time to smile at them, it could make them not feel invisible. Your kindness and understanding can make someone’s day a little bit better than before. No one can expect the whole student body to be excited for this day, excited is a lot to ask for. But we should all participate and go into this day with open minds—who knows what you can get out of it. Sometimes it is the small things that really stick with people.