Taqueria Los Comales


Nick Bell

The neon lights welcoming Taqueria Los Comales' customers into the restaurant

Nick Bell

Simplicity is at its pinnacle at Taqueria Los Comales. Located off of west Prospect Road and south College Avenue, Los Comales is a ten second walk from the Prospect Max Bus station.

Location is not the only thing Los Comales has to offer. From the horchata, flautas, to the salsa bar, every dish is prepared simply and perfectly.

The atmosphere only compliments the food at Los Comales. The red and yellow hues of the walls are complemented by the Diego Rivera, The Flower Seller, painting that adorns the back wall.

It is hard to find a Mexican restaurant that sells agua de melon, horchata, agua de limon, and other Mexican staples. When you say “let’s get Mexican,” the thought is often Taco Bell or Qdoba. Although these places have good tasting food, the quality and authenticity is nonexistent.

Although steadily popular, there is almost never a wait at Taqueria Los Comales. After ordering a glass of horchata or a Jarritos, one can watch as the cooks prepare all the meals that have been ordered, as the kitchen is viewable from the rest of the restaurant.

Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, seafood, soup, tostadas, breakfast entrees, and more all adorn the extensive menu. Unlike many popular restaurants with extensive menus, everything Los Comales offers tastes fresh and authentic. Personally, I’d recommend the chicken flautas with horchata.

The last element to Los Comales’ success is their wait staff. Always attentive and helpful, the waiters and waitresses at Los Comales are a large element to the success of the taqueria.

Accessibility, authenticity, quality, and environment all come together at Los Comales to bring you a feel good, taste good meal.