No-Shave November introduces competition to supporting good causes


S. Ruffer

For the first year ever, some female teachers participated by avoiding the razor. These ladies pulled in the most donations.

Caroline Sears, Activities Beat Director

No-Shave November is an annual tradition at Fossil Ridge High School to benefit our community. But how can growing your facial hair and avoiding the razor impact our school? Through representing causes they care about and collecting donations, our teachers worked to improve our community.

No-Shave November came to be with a Facebook campaign back in 2009. This raised awareness and money for cancer research and charities through encouraging men to appreciate their ability to grow facial hair.  “It was created by the Chicago-based Hill family after their father Matthew Hill died of colon cancer in 2007,” describes The widespread concept is to donate your monthly costs of grooming to a cause that is important to you. Our school does it differently.

In the past few years, Mr. Stacy Ruffer has facilitated the event at Fossil. All of the teachers that grew out their facial hair or just avoided shaving in general and chose a charity to represent and collect donations for. Through School Pay, students donated to the cause their teacher of choice represented. The competition aspect comes into play as the winner receives all of the donations for their cause. Ruffer stated, “The teacher that raises the most money gets all of the money to use towards his or her cause” 

The more participants, the better. Any and every teacher is encouraged to participate in the event, even the female staff. “This year we had a group of female teachers participate for the first time by not shaving their legs or armpits!” said Ruffer. 

All of these causes are important however, the competition aspect keeps students and teachers interested. Mr. Joe Forster was the runner up, pulling in 650 dollars for his cause, Autism Speaks. The charities all had unique concepts, but all worked for the greater good. From Doctors Without Borders to March of Dimes, these teachers all supported a unique and important cause. 

This year, the charity pulling in the most donations was a GoFundMe by a previous Fossil teacher Michael Wilbourn, whose son was recently diagnosed with cancer. The teachers behind this were the many women on staff who participated. Donate here. Recently, this cause surpassed its goal. Their family raised 68,013 dollars of their 65,000 dollar goal. Fossil was able to donate almost 4,000 dollars this year. Thank you to all who donated and participated.