Ways to be More Environmentally Friendly


Alaina Yeager

It is becoming more important to be environmentally friendly. Our environment is what supports us, it is taking care of us and we should take care of it. Here are five simple things to consider doing to be more loving to the planet.

1. Use less paper and  recycle more.

Trees are a huge source to us. The less paper you use, the less trees we have to cut down. This will also help with air pollution over time.


2. Avoid one time use plastic.

Such as water in a plastic bottle, try investing into a reusable one. The plastic you do use, always recycle it if you can. Another simple thing is when you buy a few things from the store that you can carry, skip the bag and just carry them by hand. Or, bring a reusable bag for larger shopping trips.

3. Turn off unneeded lights.

Leaving lights on when you are not home can be very wasteful, remember to turn them off. Also, in rooms not being used, turn the lights off—it can save you a lot of money.


4. Reduce water waste. 

Take shorter showers, do not let the water run when you are brushing your teeth and doing dishes.


5. Donate old clothes. 

Making new clothes is not as environmentally friendly as you may think. There are many toxins released into the environment in the process. Not only can selling your old clothes make you money, but donating them for someone else’s use has a very large impact.