Sabercat Story: Ryan Sexton

Alena Leberger, Sports Writer

Ryan Sexton is a Senior at Fossil Ridge High School and is currently seventeen years old. Sexton felt really great about his football season this school year,  but is ready to get a break from the long games and practices” . He has been playing football since he was six years old. He chose to get into the sport because the friends he was surrounded by played all the time so he was just naturally forced towards into playing the sport.Football does come with complications on the downside, Sexton said that he hurt his knee over a year ago and was out for a whole season and a half. He said that the recovery process was taxing on the body and stated football,“is taking a toll on my body” from all the hard tackles and the multiple concussions he faces. Before game day or practices, he gets into the mood by listening to music and hanging out with his teammates. Fossil football is not only a school sport, but it is also take place over the summer where teammates would be required to  practice around 100 times to stay in shape. 

Sexton says that he loves the sport a lot and enjoys that it brings him closer to his friends, creating lifelong experiences through the sport and school. Once football ends, he will miss the amount of activity and how to fit he was—hoping to stay in shape. His biggest inspiration finishing this last year was his parents because they were his biggest supporters throughout his injuries, and really helped him push through all his recovery to get back on the field. He is ready for the school year to be over and to graduate high school, he says the hardest thing is staying motivated towards the last months of school. Sexton enjoyed his last four years at Fossil and he wants to work towards being a firefighter in the future at Aims Community College in Greeley.