What’s next for Fossil Ridge theatre?


C. Sears

A once full Preforming Arts Center, only weeks before the stay at home order. Students hope to return to this PAC soon.

Caroline Sears, News Director

Year after year, the Fossil Ridge High School Theatre Department has continued to bring the school together through incredible shows. This year, students and thespians alike were thrilled to put on the Broadway musical Newsies. Known for its themes of friendship and resiliency, as well as intense dance scenes, the show proved more and more relatable with every passing day for the cast and crew. Students worked hard for months before the news broke about the pandemic. 

This season looks almost unrecognizable to all students, but Fossil Theatre is finding a way to bring the same level of quality and enjoyment to viewers.

Obviously, the show that we were all so excited for was canceled. Theatre director Ms. Rust stated, “We are heartbroken not to be able to put on Newsies… it was really disappointing not to be able to share their work with an audience.” Although the Theatre Department tried their best to save the show, COVID-19 regulations and copyright contracts kept their hands tied.

With the CDC’s recommendations in mind, the staff of the theatre department have devised a plan. They could not give up two things, says Rust: “performance and collaboration.” In short, students have free reign to produce their own passion projects. Some submitted ideas for their projects, while others advertised their talents in hopes of joining a team. 

This plan allows thespians and crew members to express themselves creatively, when there does not seem to be much flexibility in our daily lives. Production begins this week, but you can get more information by contacting Ms. Rust or looking through the Fossil Ridge Theatre website.

Now more than ever, the values of Newsies are important to remember. Whether you are interested in the arts or not, remember to get involved at Fossil and to check in with your friends. In the words of the classic characters, “we’re doing something no one’s even tried, and yes, we’re terrified but watch what happens.”