Make-A-Wish week inspires Sabercats to give


Student Council

All week long, Fossil students will be able to donate to the Make-A-Wish organization and show support through fun events to benefit Mazie.

Caroline Sears, News Director

In Fossil Ridge High School tradition, Student Council is hosting Make-A-Wish week next week, March 29 through April 3. All the donations from the Fossil community will benefit Mazie, a sweet girl with a congenital heart condition. She hopes to visit her favorite Disney princess, Moana, in Hawaii. 

Students can participate in week-long celebrations to encourage and support Mazie on her health journey and to make her wish a reality. 

Trevor Ivan, the Student Council advisor, sees Make-A-Wish week as an opportunity to give hope in a time of such darkness. “I have come to understand that this community not only takes care of one another but takes care of our community. It has been amazing to witness the compassion and heart this family has,” said Ivan.

Make-A-Wish week will begin with a “Pink Out” on Monday, in honor of Mazie’s favorite color.

The theme for Tuesday will be “Country Western”, so dust off your boots and cowboy hat for class. Students are encouraged to grab dinner at Texas Roadhouse between 5:00-8:00 p.m. on Tuesday as 10% of sales go to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Whether you take out or dine-in, make sure to bring a copy of the small fliers around the school to ensure your payment is devoted to the fundraiser. 

Wednesday will be “Disney day”. Student Council encourages students to model their outfits after their favorite characters.

Inspired by Mazie’s wish to go to Hawaii, Thursday will be “Tropical Day”. Dress in your best beachwear or tacky tourist outfit.

Mazie’s parade will be held at Fossil at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, all members of the Fossil community are encouraged to drive around the main circle and cheer for Mazie. Feel free to decorate your car and dress up to show support.

To end the week with an annual event, Trivia Night will be held on April 3rd virtually. All members of the Fossil community—students, staff, and family—can participate in this exciting competition for prizes from local businesses, all to benefit Mazie. Register and find more information at

Donate all week long at (Make-A-Wish Foundation)

All week long, students can donate to the buckets in the front of the school to get their teachers to do dares like participating in a spicy chicken eating contest, enduring a pie to the face, shaving their heads, or braving the ice bucket challenge. Although students will not be able to see this in person, RidgeTV will document all of the challenges for students to watch in advance next week.