Mazie’s parade demonstrates Fossil’s passionate community


C. Sears

Mazie patiently awaits the parade as cars line up down the block.

All week long, students have donated in support of Mazie and her family in hopes of making her dream of visiting her favorite princess, Moana, in Hawaii. Make-A-Wish week was packed with events to raise money and show support, all organized by the Student Council.

On Friday, April 2, Fossil Ridge High School came together for Mazie in a car parade. Hundreds of students decorated their cars and waved to her, smiling on the sidelines. This breathtaking demonstration for Mazie and her family left her mother speechless. “I don’t have enough words, what you guys are doing is so incredible,” she expressed after watching the cars pass by.

From students to staff and family members, the community surpassed the school’s goal, donations totaling over ten thousand dollars. In such a devastating year, this show of commitment to make a stranger’s dream a reality is inspiring.