Fossil loses second straight against Windsor


Fossil players warming up before the game

Dylan Heinrich, Sports Writer

On September 3, 2021, the Fossil Ridge Football team lost their second game of the year against Windsor 33-30.

The excitement started well before the game, with a lightning delay coupled with heavy rain. The delay pushed the start time from the usual 7 pm to a late 8:00 kickoff.

Once the rain stopped, people were itching to get into the stadium and get the game started. Both the Fossil and Windsor students were within five feet of one another, trying to get a head start into the stadium. The tension between the two schools led to the teams being separated by police.

Fossil fans outside the stadium

With tensions already high, the game started quickly and never slowed down.

The weather played a factor in the 1st quarter, the wind and wet field causing both teams to take a more run-heavy approach.

The Saber cats started the game with a touchdown, ending in a short run by senior Dustin Mock. Windsor would score on their first drive as well, evening the score at 7-7.

Fossil running back Dustin Mock scoring a touchdown

The offenses began to slow down, as both teams exchanged several punts, with Fossil pinning Windsor inside their own 10 yard line. The Saber cats forced a 3 and out, which led to them blocking a punt in the end zone for a safety.

After another punt from each team, Fossil would get one last chance to score before half, starting at their own seven yard line. The Saber cats would go 93 yards down the field, ending in a QB sneak from Tyler Kubat.

Coach Jeff Fulton talking to his team during a timeout

Fossil would take that 16-7 lead into halftime.

During halftime, the Windsor team would honor former Windsor player Lucas Watts by retiring his jersey number in an emotional scene.

Immediately starting the second half, the Windsor Wizards would score after two plays, lowering the Saber cats lead to two points.

Two Fossil players tackling the Windsor running back

Fossil Ridge would continue to struggle, turning the ball over in their next three drives, resulting in three Windsor touchdowns. Halfway through the fourth quarter, the Windsor Wizards had scored 26 straight points now leading over Fossil 33-16.

The Sabercats had not given up yet, as they were able to score two quick touchdowns. Unfortunately, there was not enough time for the Sabercats to come back in the game. The Windsor Wizards were able to get the ball and run out the clock, just barely holding onto victory 33-30.

Despite the high offensive output, Fossil was held back by three turnovers and a disastrous fourth quarter.

Fossil and Windsor shaking hands after the game.

The Saber cats will look for their first win of the season Friday, September 10 against crosstown rival Fort Collins High.