Sabercats earn first home win of the year against Smoky Hill


The Fossil field hockey team lined up for the national anthem before their game against Smoky Hill

Dylan Heinrich, Sports Writer

On October 11, the Fossil Ridge Field Hockey team defeated the Smoky Hill Buffaloes 3-0, earning their first home win and their second victory of the year.

Fossil would enter the first half in a feeling out period, as both teams were held scoreless through the first 30 minutes.

As the lights came on and the second half began, the Sabercats pushed the tempo and got more shots on net. Those shots resulted in 3 goals and a big victory for the Fossil players.

Despite the 2-10 record, the Fossil players felt a sense of improvement and newfound excitement in the team.

“It’s the best season I’ve ever played here. I think we’re getting a lot better…I’m excited about the upcoming seasons,” said senior Maggie Mckellar.

Mckellar is in a unique spot as she attends Fort Collins High School, but is a part of the Fossil Field Hockey team since they are the only high school field hockey team in Fort Collins. Therefore, there are girls from every high school in the Poudre School District. They are able to overcome this different roster construction with a strong team bond.

“…we’re a pretty close team, all of us get along really well, so that helps…there’s not a lot of infighting or anything like that,” Mckellar said.

This game against Smoky Hill was the second of four consecutive home games for Fossil, and the team views the home field advantage in a very unique way.

“I don’t have to skip a lot of my classes…there’s less traveling, you’re less tired. You don’t have to get off the bus and go do stuff immediately, so you kind of have some downtime,” Mckellar said.

Fossil’s next game will be at home against Dakota Ridge on October 13, and will close the season at home on October 19 against St. Mary’s Academy.