Chicken, chicken, chicken, what combo you pickin’?


Nathan Auleta and Jacob Saltz

Fried chicken just might be America’s favorite food. Fried chicken can go well with anything whether it be at the dinner table or with some waffles at breakfast. 

Our research took us from locally owned businesses to some of the largest fried chicken chain restaurants in the world. But for now, pull a seat up to the table, tuck your napkin in and break out the biscuits and sweet tea because we have found and personally tested the best fried chicken spots in Fort Collins. Here are the top 5 fried chicken places according to Fossil Ridge students we surveyed.

  1. Wingstop

Coming in with 6% of the votes is the popular chain Wingstop. With over 1,400 store fronts and locations all over the world including Russia, Singapore, The UK, and Mexico. 

Wingstop is one of the largest chicken chains on this list, and while they are mainly known for their excellent wings, they barely make the list because of there extensive menu of dry rubs and wing sauces that can be put onto your fried chicken.

  1. Comet Chicken

Comet Chicken is located in the heart of old town Fort Collins and owned by Hot Corner Concepts who also own the popular restaurants next door, Austins and Big Al’s Burgers and dogs. 

Comet chicken is a fried chicken lover’s staple for it’s delicious sandwiches and churros. They are a great option during happy hour as the sandwiches are all under $5. With prices like that and great food, it is easy to see why Comet Chicken earned 12% of the votes.

  1. Chick-Fil-A 

Coming into the top three, Chick-fil-A takes the spot for third with 17% of the votes. Chick-fil-A is the biggest chicken sandwich chain in America and is known for their service and requiring employees to say “My Pleasure” after they are thanked. But, what makes their food so good? 

We asked student Natalie Hiat why she believed Chick-fil-A was so great. Hiat said that “Chick-fil-A is a quick and easy fast food restaurant that I know won’t disappoint. They’re reliable and consistent. Only if they were open on Sundays then maybe they would be the best.” Chick-fil-A will always be a consistent option if you are craving some quick fried chicken and you don’t have to worry about ever having to deal with rude employees.

  1. Music City Hot Chicken

Our personal favorite and the big runner up is Music City Hot Chicken. Music City is a locally owned restaurant that is off of College and Prospect. They are known for their spicy chicken sandwiches and delicious mac n cheese. 

We interviewed Jordan Graf, one of the Co owners of this restaurant, about what makes Music City so good. Graft Said 

“At Music City we want everyone to leave with a happy smile either with a beer or some chicken tenders. We do not only want to be a good restaurant but to have a community within the restaurant. Everyone who comes in here no matter age or size will always have something in common with the person next to them. We have created bonds with customers if it’s their 1st or 100th time into the restaurant. We strive to treat them like family.” 

We asked Graft, what makes the chicken so good? He replied “instead of doing sauced flavors we do all dry rub spices for our flavors. We also use fresh ingredients made every day so that everything is made fresh.” 

If you ever need a place to eat, Music City will not disappoint.

  1. Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

According to the students surveyed, the best fried chicken in town goes to Raising Cane’s. With a very limited menu compared to other fried chicken joints, it is surprising to see Cane’s at the top spot, but sauce is the boss and students who voted for Cane’s raved about the Cane’s sauce. 

It is a great option for crispy chicken tenders and the Texas toast, but make sure you have time as the drive through can get backed up. Cane’s will consistently deliver great chicken and lots of food for a decent price.

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