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Joshua Villalpando

Joshua Villalpando is new to the Etched in Stone crew, having only just joined in his senior year. Ever since then, however, he has loved every bit of journalism that Etched in Stone has to offer.

At Fossil, Josh has come from a TV background, having done it since his freshman year. He has done just about every film position, from director to cinematographer. This year, however, he has taken a focus on editing with programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop. Film production isn't the only area he does in TV however. He has worked tons of assemblies, sports games, and live events—all live streamed for anyone to watch. He also joined theater this year for both Rent and One Man, Two Guvnors as a part of sound crew. To say the technical side of things is his preferred area is an understatement. Aside from clubs, Josh’s favorite subjects are history and art.

When he is at home, which is rare considering all the clubs he participates in, Josh has a couple major hobbies. He loves making art in the form of digital design through Photoshop in his free time. He also plays online video games on his custom-built PC, his favorites being Borderlands 2, Rocket League, and Fallout 4. The third hobby, his absolute favorite because he is a massive nerd, is Dungeons and Dragons. He both plays in and runs a couple games for a whole bunch of friends.

Josh’s goals for journalism in his last semester at Fossil are to publish as many articles as he can and get the Etched in Stone broadcasts to a point where they are a regular staple of the TV and Journalism programs. That, and he hopes to continue making friends along the way.

Joshua Villalpando, Arts Writer

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