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Macy Fowler

Colorado native Macy Fowler is going into her sophomore year at Fossil Ridge High School, and is very excited to be an official member of the Etched In Stone staff. Following her experience in Journalism I as a freshman, Macy developed an interest in the Arts, and hopes to cover events centered around Fossil's outstanding music, art, and theatre departments.

 Macy enjoys reading and paddle boarding in her free time, as well as volunteering at farmers markets in the winter. She listens to a lot of 2000s rap, as she grew up with family members who played music from that time period all of the time. Outkast is one group in particular that she listens to on a daily basis. Ever since she was a young girl, she idolized current wrestling reporter, Renee Young, and thought there was nothing cooler than being able to travel and report like Young did. She hoped to have a career like that when she got older.

Although she plans to continue with Journalism throughout high school, Macy isn't sure what she would like to study in college. She has been looking into attending Washington State University because she loves the Seattle area and the beautiful campus.

Journalism has helped Macy break out of her shell and become involved at Fossil, which she is very grateful for. She is an ambitious, talented young writer, who will contribute greatly to Fossil's Journalism program.

Macy Fowler, Arts Writer

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