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Nick Bell

Nick Bell is a freshman here at Fossil Ridge High School and he is in his first year in journalism. He really enjoys being part of this community and hopes to continue with it through the future. Nick hopes to stick with this class until he graduates. He hopes to broadcast about sports and be an announcer for soccer in the future because that's a big part of his life.

Nick has a very big passion for soccer, he said “I've played since I was four years old and watched it since I was one.” Soccer has obviously been a part of him since he was really young, it was second nature to him. He would play soccer all the time when he was younger with all his friends and it was just really fun for him and easy. He played all day at school and was eager to go home and play some more, he has carried this passion to this day. Nick could never quit playing soccer, he says “my life wouldn't be the same without soccer.” The biggest part of his life is soccer and it comes first before anything else. This is a big part of who Nick is and he really enjoys doing what he loves. He doesn't let it get in the way of his personality, he tries to stay positive despite soccer stressing him out.

Nick always walks into class with a smile on his face and he gives off a very energetic energy. He's always making people laugh and this also is a big part of who he is. He lifts up the class and makes things fun.

In his free time, Nick likes to play soccer or watch soccer, his favorite player is Landon Donovan, he is an “American legend” and Nick has loved watching him since he was younger. Nick also likes to hangout with his friends around town and either go explore our town or just hangout at a friends place. He's always doing something to keep him entertained, weekend our fun for him because he gets to be with friends. Nicks goal for the end of the year in journalism is to have and enjoyable time and meet people who help him grow as a person.

Nick Bell, Staff Writer

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