Jazz Choir ends the semester on a sweet note


Lauren Scott

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On Tuesday, December 20 Fossil Ridge High School’s Jazz Choir put on their annual holiday concert. They sang everything from Christmas to Hanukkah songs. Popularity for this concert has grown over the years and in the PAC on Tuesday there were nearly 700 people in an auditorium intended for 500. It is the most fun concert the choir holds all year and is also the one with the highest turnout. This concert featured senior Jonny Hagar in his first solo in tenth bass. He blew the audience away and it was a change for him since he usually provides the beat boxing for their choir pieces.

According to Junior Bailey, “The best song that I sang was Lullaby it was written by Daniel Elder and it was really special to us because our pianist Mama Swarts is leaving.” Mrs. Swarts has been in PSD for a number of years and has not only assisted with choir but also the spring musicals.

This may have been a bittersweet concert but audiences loved it and in the future choir students would like to see this concert run for a couple weekends leading up to the holidays.