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The Student News Site of Fossil Ridge High School

Etched in Stone

The Student News Site of Fossil Ridge High School

Etched in Stone

About Etched in Stone

Etched in Stone is the student-run publication of Fossil Ridge High School. We are located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and are a part of Poudre School District. All staff members have taken Journalism I, and attend Journalism II daily to be a part of Etched in Stone’s production. For years, we have been focused on excellence through fostering creativity and promoting ethical journalism. 

Etched in Stone’s Mission 2022-2023:

We are committed to informing the Fossil community with truthful and engaging reporting.

We will accomplish our mission through:

  • Prioritizing coverage diversity
  • Publishing more consistently
  • Improving journalistic voice
  • Elevating staff morale 

Editorial Policy:

By order of protecting the rights of all members of the school community and promote the educational purpose of schools, students shall be prohibited from publishing:

  • An expression that violates the rights of others, that which is false to any person or persons, or creates a clear and present danger.
  • Any material wherein the author uses media for personal gain will not be published.

The views stated in all staff editorials will represent that of a majority of the editorial board. Signed columns or reviews represent the opinion of the author and are not representative of Fossil Ridge High School or Poudre School District.

All published opinion and press release submissions must be approved by the editorial board, composed of Etched in Stone’s student editors. Please note that the Etched in Stone staff will not edit any grammatical errors, so proofread carefully.

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