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Photo Credit: Hush IMDb

Photo Credit: Hush IMDb

B-List Delights: Hush and watch this movie

I’ve been very interested in watching and reviewing B-list horror movies, so I created a list of B-list horror movies to watch and mark off. I’ve decided that during the weekend one or two movies will be marked off the list and reviewed. The first choice off my list is Hush, which I’ve rated from my own review scale, as a four out of five skulls.

Hush goes the crowd with this compelling, psychological thriller. Co-directed and edited by Mike Flanagan, Hush creates a shock of surprise that leaves you holding your breath with every step. Kate Siegel, who helped  co-write the film, also stars as the main character, Madison Young. Young is a mute author who lives with her cat in the woods. Having gone deaf at the age of 13, Young learns to work with her surroundings and is able to feel vibrations to sense her surroundings. A psycho killer stumbles to her house, realizing that she is unable to hear him. His Purge-like mask and stone cold eyes send chills down your spine. He decides to play a game with Young, almost like cat and mouse. The suspenseful movie leaves your heart and mind racing with every turn.

Something I really enjoy from a movie is being able to ponder the storyline once I’m finished, and Hush allows me to do that. I loved the film score of Hush since it wasn’t overbearing and it wasn’t distracting from the storyline. The cinematography creates a decent amount of movement within the movie itself and can leave your heart racing with anticipation.

Hush is unlike the cheesy, stereotypical thriller movie. The wonderful actors and great director show the compelling, self heroic story of a deaf woman defending her life.

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