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Photo Credit: Circle IMDb

Photo Credit: Circle IMDb

B-List Delights: Circle and check this movie off your list

Circle (2015), directed by James Ponsoldt, is the second movie marked off my list and is rated a 4 out of 5 skulls. Technically it is put under the ‘thriller’ category and it doesn’t disappoint. In this movie, 50 strangers find themselves in a spaceship like vessel, all of them stuck in their own circle. If they step outside of their circle, they are killed. They must vote to survive another round and only one person will survive in the end. The 50 strangers represent humanity and how people will crack under pressure.

If you’re interested in plunging into deep thought, Circle is the choice for you. The strangers, in order to stay alive, show their true colors and bring their own opinions to the conversation. Choosing whether someone lives or dies comes down to their sexual orientation, religion, and race. The elderly are chosen as the first to die since the majority believes they’re going to die soon anyway. An older man who is one of the main antagonists even asks a young girl what her grades are as a way to decide her fate. Watching people argue about the fate of their lives over heavy topics causes you to think about your own opinions on them. I easily chose my favorite characters since I agreed with their opinions and quickly found the characters I hated.

The cinematography creates an eerie effect as it spans around the group whose engulfed in red and black lighting. Just like any movie, there’s a few hiccups within the acting and some of the plot. The ending leaves you slightly confused and it’s up to you to decide what happened. I had a few questions about the plot and some of them I was unable to answer, but I talked with my friend and we answered a few of them. In the end, it’s up to your imagination answer the few holes in the plot. Ponsoldt was able to work around that to achieve a thoughtful, suspenseful movie that is in my top 5.

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