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B-List Delights: Kristy

If you’re in the mood for a semi-silent thriller, Kristy (2014) is the movie for you. Justine, played by Haley Bennett, is a college student staying on campus for Thanksgiving, as she is unable to afford a ticket home. Her boyfriend Aaron, played by Lucas Till, reluctantly leaves her with another friend, who quickly into the movie leaves her for family. Justine’s only companion is the campus security guard Wayne, played by Matthew St. Patrick. To celebrate Thanksgiving, Justine heads to the nearest convenience store to grab snacks for her and Wayne. She meets Violet, played by Ashley Greene, who threatens her while in the store. On the way back to campus, Justine finds herself in trouble with Violet and her three masked companions. Justine is forced to fight for her life when she realizes that she is being hunted because the four believe she is Kristy, a follower of Christ. Justine must soon become her own hero as she faces off against the four antagonists.

I would rate Kristy a three out of five skulls, simply because parts of the movie felt too obvious. I could tell what was going to happen to Wayne, Aaron, and the campus groundskeeper, Scott. The actions of the three characters left me stunned, mostly because you wouldn’t expect them to make the thoughtless decisions they did. Writer Anthony Jaswinski almost setup the characters so you could see their future minutes before it happened. Kristy felt like an almost silent film where the dialogue, when it was actually there, was important and not just a filler. Jaswinski did a wonderful job revealing the perfect amount of dialogue in the right scenes to make them more dramatic.

The producer of Sinister, Scott Derrickson, was the executive producer of Kristy and was born in Denver, Colorado. Derrickson did a wonderful job producing both movies and continuing the thrill factor between both. The casting director of Kristy, Wendy O’Brian did a great job choosing the actors to fill the roles. Greene, the actress who plays Violet, starred in the Twilight franchise as Alice Cullen. Greene portrayed antagonist Violet well, having a sunken face and slightly gothic exterior. Bennett did a fantastic job as Justine, playing the almost helpless antagonist. Till, the actor of Aaron, played the part of the worried boyfriend well, making you root for him due to his charismatic attitude.

Kristy is definitely worth the watch. The movie speeds up about 15 minutes into the film and from there stays at a fast pace. Grab some friends and make some popcorn, but be prepared to jump a little throughout the movie. If you’re interested, click here for a trailer.

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