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B-List Delights: Signs to watch this movie

Signs (2002) unveils the terrifying life of a family who is tormented by a group of aliens. Graham Hess, played by Mel Gibson, was once a preacher. After his wife died in a car accident, he lost faith in God and is no longer a “Father” as he continuously repeats. Hess lives with his two children, Bo and Morgan, and his brother, Merrill. Merrill is played by Joaquin Phoenix, Bo is played by Abigail Breslin, and Morgan is played by Rory Culkin.

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Signs belongs in the mystery and sci-fi category, where life isn’t entirely what it seems. All around the world crop circles are appearing, leaving everyone dazed and speechless. The family lives on a decently sized farm, where crop circles are being imprinted in their corn fields. The sheriff inspects them along with Graham, but both are unable to explain the insane phenomenon. At first Graham believes it’s a group of kids who are just playing a practical joke, but he soon realizes that a man-made machine isn’t able to bend the stalks the way they appear. The family begins to hear strange noises in the night, prompting Graham and Merrill to stay up and hopefully catch the culprits. Bo is unable to drink water from the same cup and must always have a new one when she believes the water is “contaminated” with something. Lights start appearing across the sky in Mexico, then soon spreading all around. The next morning, Merrill watches a video of an extraterrestrial in Brazil. Graham is given vital information about the aliens after visiting the man who accidentally killed his wife. Once aliens finally make their descent, Signs finishes off with a battle between humans and extraterrestrials.

Director M. Night Shyamalan is well known for his extensive storylines and while some criticize him, some are dedicated fans. Shyamalan has produced a variety of movies from all levels, such as Split (2016), Devil (2010), The Village (2004), and one of my personal favorites, the show Wayward Pines (2016). The casting director, Douglas Aibel, did an amazing job choosing the cast to fill the roles and I believe that any other actors would’ve been the wrong choice. Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix were the perfect choices to play two of the main characters. The choice for crop circles was an interesting topic for Shyamalan to create a movie around.  Crop circles became a big thing in the 70s’, reoccurring in the 90s’. Some were afraid and confused for a while, until the culprits came forward and revealed that it was all one large hoax. They explained how easy it was to make them and then showed how the designs were made. There are still people today who believe in crop circles and aliens, which have evoked a large following within extraterrestrial movies.

Signs is personally one of my favorite science fiction movies, laying down the path for other alien movies, like Dark Skies. I would rate it a four out of five skulls mainly because there are definitely slow points within the movie, but it mostly stays fast-paced and is filled with action. It stands as, what I think, to be one of the foundational extraterrestrial movies. There are jump scares within the movie, but is more of a mystery than a horror movie. Signs is a movie that you could watch by yourself or bring some friends along to enjoy. If you’re interested, here’s a link for the trailer.

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