Sabercats find redemption after losing to rival


Greeley and Fossil race to gain possession.

Madalynn Lewis, Sports Beat Leader

On Tuesday, September 25, Fossil Ridge High School Varsity soccer lost 1-6 against Fort Collins High School and then defeated Greeley West High School 2-0 on September 27. The game against the Lambkins was hard to watch, as Fossil was outplayed the entire game. Fortunately, the Sabercats had the opportunity to redeem themselves when they played Greeley West. This game gave our team the opportunity to rebuild their confidence.

The game against the Lambkins was brutal. Fossil looked discombobulated and frazzled the entire game. There never seemed to be a moment where the Sabercats looked like they were in control. By the time Fossil had scored their only goal, there were only six minutes left in the game, and there was no chance for the Sabercats to attempt a comeback. This loss against the Sabercat’s biggest rival shook their confidence and set the team back in their season.

With a stroke of luck, Fossil happened to play Greeley West High School following the humiliating defeat. In a welcome turn of events, the Sabercats dominated throughout the game. Cray Carlton scored the first goal only eight minutes into the game, this set the tone for the rest of the game. The Sabercats looked calm and collected as they had possession of the ball for the majority of the game. Pietro Manzoni scored the second goal in the second half with 15 minutes left in the game. The final score was 2-0, which gave the boys both the confidence boost they needed and the motivation to work harder as their season continues.