Off the Green with Dillon Stewart


Jennifer Stewart

Dillon Stewart and the boys golf state team with their trophy

Olivia Doro, Editor in Chief

Sitting tall in his chair, with a cool smile on his face while he talked, Dillon Stewart radiated confidence. For being one of the best young golfers in the country, bound for Oklahoma State University in the fall of 2019 to play Division 1 golf, Stewart was not confident in the normal way most athletes are. His confidence came not from arrogance but from the level of comfort and ease he had with himself, and with others. From the minute the interview began Stewart’s easy demeanor and rambling answers added to his charming personality and showed just how approachable the superstar athlete is.

At age three Stewart found a passion for golf with the encouragement of his father who was a Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) teacher. Stewart’s passion for golf took him to win both the Individual and Team Class 5A golf State Championship for his final fall 2018 season of his senior year in high school. This win accomplished his goal for his short senior year, “My whole goal for high school season is just to win state.” An impressive accomplishment for the senior who is graduating early and bound for a success filled four years at OSU.

When he first started golfing if he hit a bad shot he would start crying.”

— Jennifer Stewart

Despite his one goal for the year already accomplished Stewart has some remorse for leaving his senior year halfway through. “Yeah, but again at the same time it’s going to be worth it and at the end of the day high school is not my final destination.” That was his response to if he feels like he is missing out on any of his high school experience by graduating early. He says he will “still stay in contact with my friends, especially the close ones,” and that he will walk with everyone in May. So while the prominent young athlete may be leaving early he plans to pursue his dreams and work towards his next step of life.

Jennifer Stewart
Stewart at a younger age with his golf clubs

Going away from the player Stewart is on the golf course, his close friend Leigha Devine and mother Jennifer Stewart give a closer look at who Dillon is under the surface. Like how his favorite food after a long tournament is Chik-Fil-A, but before any big day, he treats himself to a glass of chocolate milk. Something everyone passing him in the hallways would notice is that Stewart has a “thing” about matching. His mom explained that Stewart needs to match his outfit, especially his shoes, belt, and hat before he goes out and that he only likes things in even numbers. From lining things up to keeping the stereo volume at an even number Stewart’s laid-back demeanor is more with people.

Jennifer Stewart
Stewart displaying his nickname on a piece of cake

Looking at Stewart and Devine’s friendship it is something every high schooler wishes they could have. At the beginning of their joint interview, the duo demonstrated their handshake before answering any questions. Their five-year friendship started with Stewart having a crush on Devine but now “he tells me all the other girls he has crushes on.” When Devine was asked about Dillon and what made him unique the first answer she gave was “He recently got into his Crocs.” The duo joked and laughed throughout, showing just how laidback they both were. Between jabs and jokes, Devine gave answers like how being Spirit Leaders together was “dope” and that having him leave at semester was “aggravating.” 

Stewart and Devine at homecoming this fall

They talked about how their relationship goes through waves and is a rollercoaster, and how they intend to win “The Couple that Never Was” in the yearbook this year. The best part was when they quoted Devine’s father together saying “Big players, make big plays in big-time situations.” While Stewart on his own rambles and fidgets, when with his best friend the two go off on stories that had nothing to do with the question. Despite the constant banter and teasing, it was clear that the two would miss each other when they both went on to college.

We’ll probably talk, not as much, but I’m sure when we come home we’ll hang out.”

— Leigha Devine

Just from sitting down with Dillon alone, with him and his best friend, and interviewing his mom it was easy to tell that he is more than what kids passing in the halls might think. His contagious smile and open personality is something that more people should know about him. Be sure to congratulate Dillon and the golf team on their win at state, and just get to know the person he is outside of golf.

Stewart leaning against his club on the golf class