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B-List Delights: Creeped out

With Halloween creeping up quickly, most teens will find themselves sitting on the couch and watching scary movies while they enjoy candy. Some may be scaring little kids or exploring a haunted maze, but for those looking to watch a movie that leaves you utterly speechless, Creep (2014) is the movie for you.

Josef, played by Mark Duplass, sends out an online ad for someone to record his last messages for his unborn son and wife to watch after he found out he was terminally ill. Videographer Aaron, who is played by director Patrick Brice, wearily takes the job to gain some experience. He meets Aaron and sends him to a house where the cell service is spotty and the woods are vast. They meet each other and immediately connect, but Aaron is apprehensive as Josef’s actions grow darker. After eerie stories about Josef’s past, Aaron is unable to find his keys, soon realizing that the dying man stole them. During the beginning of the movie, we meet Josef’s alter ego, Peachfuzz. The disturbing werewolf mask is introduced by a song that left me confused and slightly unsettled. The movie takes a even darker turn when Aaron answers a call and realizes Josef isn’t quite who he says he is.


The actors in Creep, especially Duplass’ character, played their roles so well that a part of me forgot they were acting. The movie felt like I had found a weird documentary on YouTube that was filmed first-person style, and the script was mostly improvised, which I enjoyed a lot. It helped explain the random nature of Josef’s actions and Aaron’s reactions. Within the movie, there are plenty of jumpscares, but the unnerving feeling it left me with was the scariest. Brice created Creep 2 in 2017 and currently is working towards a third instalment. The second movie was even more psychologically thrilling than the first.

Creep is one of my all-time favorite movies to watch, especially when I’m in the mood for a thrilling horror. I give it a five out of five skulls, as it truly is a B-List movie. If you decide to watch this movie for Halloween, or just for fun, I suggest watching the second one afterwards. It helps to answer some questions and adds to the whole experience.

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