Fossil is victorious in a nail-biter against Horizon


Madalynn Lewis, Sports Beat Leader

Last night, the varsity girls basketball team beat Horizon High School 62-57 in an intense game. As these two teams are currently the highest ranking teams in the league, each team was treating this game like they would a playoff game. The same can be said about Fossil Ridge High School’s fans, and they made sure that Horizon could hear them well before the game started. Before the Sabercats were even on the court, everyone in the gym could tell that Fossil’s varsity team had come to play with their claws out.

The game started slowly; both Fossil and Horizon were playing amazing defense. Horizon scored three points before the Sabercats put any points on the board until Kaysen Hobbs sunk two free throws. As the first quarter continued, the Sabercats quickly realized that they were much faster than Horizon. Pass over pass sailed over Horizon’s center, ensuring that Fossil took the lead and went into the first quarter with a score of 15-12.

The second quarter was a whirlwind, the Sabercats again using their speed to their advantage. Several times, Davin Tonn was given the ball in her own half and blazed by everyone on Horizon, either for layups or passes. Just as Horizon began adjusting their game plan, Fossil began to pass the ball faster than they were running. As a result, Fossil dominated the second quarter, finalizing the score at 32-28.

When the third quarter started, Horizon was visibly tired from Fossil’s relentless barrage of defense. As the game continued to progress, the game became more intense. Both Fossil and Horizon began to feel the pressure. Passes were missed and several layups were blocked by both teams throughout the quarter. Even though the score became close, Fossil continued to remain in the lead, 44-37 and ensured they would go into the fourth quarter with high spirits.

The fourth quarter was a nail-biter. Only a couple of minutes into the fourth quarter, Ashley Steffeck sunk a three-pointer to make sure Horizon knew Fossil wasn’t going to give in. As the game began to come to a close, the score was within four points until the last seconds of the game. The last twenty seconds of the game were hectic; the score was 60-57. Davin Tonn scored two free throws, ensuring a victory for Fossil. Congratulations Sabercats!