Liam H. Flake

A carnation from Fossil Ridge's Carnation Gram Program.

Yours Truly: the couples of Fossil Ridge

With February in full swing, we find ourselves once again caught in the whirlwind of Valentine’s Day. Some may cherish the holiday, regarding the day as an opportunity to appreciate romance, while others spurn it as a corporate ploy. However, regardless of your stance, the holiday is one that is deeply integrated into modern American culture, sweeping supermarkets with heart-shaped chocolates and bringing decorations in shades of scarlet across the nation. In celebration of this occasion, Etched in Stone has surveyed couples from across Fossil Ridge High School, asking both members of each relationship a predetermined set of questions. Their responses are as follows.

Maren Hartley and Emma Boice
Kristen Reed and Cameron Morey
Ben Quijano and Lennon Brooks
Colin Cazier and Casey Southworth
Blake Walsh and Kalli Kirwan
Ben Parker and Ellie Black
Julie and Todd Pfeifer
Smriti Maskey and Payton Lee
Jadon Kankel and Maggie Foster
Casey Knutsen and Ashley Steffeck

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