Unified Basketball with Regional win to round off successful week


Karen Manley

The team celebrates a game-changing point. The team scored with forty seconds left, breaking the longstanding tie.

Karen Manley, Editor-in-Chief

Over the course of the week of February 18, 2019, Fossil Ridge High School’s Unified Basketball team played four games, two of which took place at the regional tournament in Greeley, Colorado. With one tie followed by three wins, the Sabercats had a successful week.

Tuesday night’s first game was played by Fossil’s Black team against the Loveland High School Indians. The score was close throughout and ultimately ended in a tie, keeping the crowd excited and engaged.

Karen Manley
Dee White gets ready for a shot.

Dee White set Fossil off on the right foot, scoring the first four points of the game with back-to-back shots. Ryan Schaefer passed to Jackson Maybon for an assist to Sebastien Bastille’s basket. Bastille also had great defense, blocking several of Loveland’s shots. Midway through the first half, Fossil led 10-6.

Loveland scored a three-pointer with five minutes left in the first half, but Fossil quickly recovered when White scored again, bringing the score to 14-10, Fossil. With a final shot from each team, Fossil’s scored by Bastille, the score at halftime was 16-12 with the Sabercats in the lead.

With several half-court turnovers and a series of close shots, the anticipation grew as the end of the game drew closer. With five minutes left, Fossil led 24-18 after White dribbled around several defenders for a key shot. Loveland tied the game up at 24 points with three minutes left in the game.

Following several passes on the offensive side, senior Dawson Coker scored with forty seconds left. Just when it looked like Fossil had its win in the bag, Loveland scored two points right at the buzzer, ending the game at 26-26.

Game number two consisted of Fossil’s Green team playing against the second Loveland team, with a final score of 36-28, Fossil. “J.P.” Parker scored the first point of the game, quickly followed by David Knuckey, making the the score 4-0. Loveland tied the game back up and both teams upheld a strong defense.

David Van Skiver put up two points for Fossil, followed by Knuckey an

Karen Manley
Freshman Scout Grieves takes a shot during his first regional tournament for Fossil

d Parker, for a score of 16-8.  Kaden Samuel and Robert Stone score the final two shots of the half, leaving Fossil in the lead at 20-10.

The second half was high-scoring, with Junior, Knuckey and star freshman Scout Grieves each scoring four points. Van Skiver scored again for a 32-16 lead for Fossil. With four minutes left, Brenden scored a point, followed by Stone. The score stood at 36-28 as the final buzzer of the night sounded.

On Saturday, February 24, the team competed at the Unified Basketball Regional Tournament at the University of Northern Colorado. After winning their two back-to-back games, Fossil earned first place in their bracket.

In the first game of the tournament, Fossil took on the Poudre High School Impalas. Van Skiver scored the first two points and Brenden scored a three-pointer. Eight minutes into the game, the score was 7-6, Fossil.

Karen Manley
David Van Skiver passes to David Knuckey after an out-of-bounds shot earns their team the ball.

At halftime, Fossil was down 11-12. Though the team was passing well and taking solid shots, the Impala defense was strong and prevented Fossil from gaining the upper hand.

In the third quarter, Fossil quickly regained their lead to 15-12 with the help of sophomore twins, Brenden and Kaden Samuel. Fossil’s defense was solid as well, particularly Mary Maddocks and Matt Coleman.

Brenden shot a three-pointer, bringing the score to 18-12. Freshman Jackson Statkus put up two more key points and kept the ball out of Poudre’s hands. The final score was 28-18, Fossil, with Kaden putting up three baskets and Grieves dominating defense.

Karen Manley
Sophomore Jack Martin jumps to block a ball being passed to a Greeley West player.

The second and final game of the tournament was played against Greeley West High School. At the end of the first quarter, Fossil was dominating with a lead of 12-2. Throughout the remainder of the first half, Fossil passed the ball well and continued to play a strong offense. The score stood 24-8 at the end of the second quarter.

As the third quarter came to a close, Greeley West began picking up pace. However, Fossil maintained their lead, 24-12. Van Skiver, Knuckey, Parker and Statkus stood solid as the end of the game approached. With a final of 28-20, the Sabercats had secured the first place ribbon.

The next Unified Basketball Game with be at 6 p.m. in the Fossil gym on March 4. State will be held in Denver on March 15.