Fossil’s Got Talent showcases a variety of acts


Karen Manley

The audience award went to "A Mii-Meme-Ful Experience," a skit put on by Maggie Lei, Anthony Dupont, Alex Lei, Amy Plum, Alison Shad, Donna Than, Kevin Wong, Catherine Zhang, and Ryan Zhang. A silent but hilarious act set to music from various memes, the skit racked in the most votes at the end of the night.

Karen Manley, Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, February 22, Fossil Ridge High School held its annual talent show, Fossil’s Got Talent. Thirteen groups and individuals performed a variety of acts. Everything from singing to Tae Kwon Do was showcased and the audience could not argue that Fossil students are, in fact, talented. The judges ruled Maria Cuddemi the winner while a group skit called “A Mii-Meme-Ful Experience” won audience choice. See the photos below to get a feel for the show.