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Alena (left) and Gigi (right)

Alena and Gigi LeBerger

Alena and Gigi LeBerger are twins and juniors at Fossil Ridge High School. Telling them apart as children was hard, so their parents kept their hospital bands on for their first year. Alena also had a tiny red birthmark on her pinky. Growing up, Alena would dye her hair brown and cut it just a little below the shoulder to show the differences between the two. With their birthday being close after Christmas, the family just celebrates with one cake for both girls and a dinner. Most of their time is spent with the family and their best friend. They have an older sister named Krista, who is 29, an older brother named Michael, who is 35, and their parents, Tony and Michelle. They also have two nephews, Malakai, age 4, and Ezra, who is 5 years old, along with two toy poodles, Toby and Ruby.

Gigi and her father Tony
Alena and her mother Michelle

Alena, being the best at sports, played soccer up until her sophomore year of high school, while Gigi quit the summer after her freshman year. When Alena quit soccer, Gigi introduced Alena to many of Gigi’s new talents with art; they both enjoy drawing, painting, and pottery. Alena took Pottery at Fossil because of Gigi and ever since she has never loved a class so much. During Alena and Gigi’s free time, they are always doodling something new. They both also really enjoy going to electronic dance music concerts together; they connect really well with the rave family and always make new friends when they go to concerts.

Gigi (left) and Alena (right) are ready to head to a rave.

Alena and Gigi are extremely close—they spend almost every moment together. They even had a job together for a couple of months until Gigi decided she needed something new. Both of them list their favorite season as summer, when they go on drives together, go on the boat, lay out in the sun, go shopping, socialize, and meet new people. They love sitting out in the sun while listening to music and drawing. In the future, Alena hopes to still be as close with her twin and they will both most likely stay close to home so that they are able to see their family and each other any time.

Baby Lena (left) and Baby Gigi (right)
Baby Gigi pampering herself up.

While they love spending so much time together, they both have many differences. Gigi is the twin who is extremely organized, plans everything, and keeps Alena in check. Alena is super funny and really easygoing but she is also super shy and introverted. They both are extremely caring, nice, and happy girls who just want to have fun and do adventurous things. Although they love and care for each other very much, they do have their rough moments and little arguments, which they usually get over in seconds.

Gigi with Aspen Jones and two adorable pups, Toby (left) and Ruby (right).

Although they love each and every family member very much, the twins are the closest with their mother Michelle and older sister Krista. Krista lives minutes away from them, which is a reason for them being so close. Krista’s son is Malakai, and the twins love spending time with him. Malakai is the cutest which makes it impossible for Gigi and Alena to be in a bad mood around him. Although they are both mama’s girls, they do try to spend as much time as possible with their father, Tony, who works most of the day. He comes home to see the girls right before they are off to work.

Alena and Gigi with their older sister Krista.

Alena gets jealous of Gigi because she has her life together and knows where she is going in life. Gigi sometimes gets jealous when Alena gets something new and Gigi does not or when Alena is out doing something fun while Gigi is home or stuck at work. They both get upset when the other twin borrows a piece of clothing without asking or when it is new. However, they always get over it and share pretty much everything anyway.

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Gigi and Alena have been through thick and thin but there is nothing that can tear them apart. They have grown up to love their family and each other no matter the distance and their little arguments. The LeBergers enjoy life to the fullest with all of their adventures and daily hanging out with friends. Both have the most amazing support from their family and best friend—each other. They will do anything to make time for the people they love even when they are busy and exhausted from working.

Alena (left) and Gigi (right) with their older sister Krista.



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