Sabercat Story: Andres Vassaux


Vassaux hiking along Glacier National Park in Montana.

Kelly Colanto, Arts Writer

Andres Vassaux is currently a Sophomore at Fossil Ridge High School and spends a majority of his time dedicated to the most advanced bands the school offers. Vassaux’s family is originally from Guatemala and he cherishes when he gets the chance to travel there to see his family and get together with old friends. The person with the greatest impact in his life is his cousin Rita, because she is the happiest and most positive person he has ever met, despite all she has gone through in her life. Outside of school, Vassaux is extremely creative and he loves to compose music and perfect his technique on every instrument as well as draw when he can. 

Vassaux’s favorite part of school is being able to hang out with his friends every day and meet new people in each of his classes. His favorite subject in school is Chemistry because science is very interesting to him and he has so many unanswered questions revolving around how things work in the world that he would love to find out one day.

Vassaux plays the trombone in the Middle/Marching Band as well as the Bassoon in the highest level band at Fossil and has been playing these instruments for around four and a half years. He says, “Winning the state competition last year was the most rewarding experience I have ever had. All of the hard work, time, and dedication we put in all season had finally paid off and in that moment, I knew I was doing what I love.” This year, band will be attending the Bands of America competition in St. George, Utah, this November to compete against the most talented High School bands in the country. 

Vassaux plans to get involved with the Drum Corps, a marching unit, after he graduates and later attend the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. He would like to receive either a degree in music performance on the trombone or a degree in music composition. He hopes to become a music educator so that he can spread his knowledge and love of music to children, and impact their lives as much as his previous teachers have done for him.