Player Profile: Luke Hallmark

Luke Hallmark, a senior at Fossil Ridge, is currently number 52 playing his last year on Fossils Varsity football team. Unlike many other teammates, Hallmark didn’t have much experience playing football to succeed in the game. 

Hallmark started playing football his Junior year at fossil after he transferred from Heritage Christian.and although he was a quick learner, he found it hard to socialize with a tight-knit team that had already been playing together for a couple of years. He continued to push himself in and outside the sport to make a difference in his team. He became quick friends with Shawn Bowerfind, a senior linebacker at the time, who Hallmark admired for his work ethic and found himself bringing inclusive energy to his new team in order to make sure everyone felt they had a place.  

Hallmark quickly learned what a huge commitment football would be and although it had its negatives like having less time for friends, family, academics, and work, he also discovered the new close relationships he made with teammates and coaches. Hallmark describes his difficulties with getting shifts at Chick-Fil-a because of this sport as well as balancing his academics and love for music with his limited free time. 

Hallmark explains how his faith has pushed him through stressful times and humbles him during the victories while he’s playing football. His parents are what he considers huge mentors and advocates for him as well. His mom,Beth Hallmark, helps him stay grounded before a game, and is constantly cheering for him on and off the stands- win or lose. 

To get his head in the game, Hallmark finds himself praying and listening to hip hop music on the bus to away games and in the locker room at home ones. 

Hallmark enjoys much more than practices because of the energy shortage he feels without the Friday night lights and direct competition. In his personal opinion he thinks the practices could be shorter because he has to work extra hard to conserve his energy in order for it to last the duration of the practice that day. 

After high school, Hallmark wants to go to college for business and is leaning towards not pursuing football after high school because of the many injuries has obtained while playing including two major concussions and missing three weeks of school for recovery. 

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