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Aaron standing in front of a bright light, paying homage to Creep 1.

B-List Delights: Creep 2 petrifies viewers

Creep 2 (2017) exceeds the expectations I had, as Creep’s sequel. In it, a struggling videographer spends her time trying to fulfill her vision of filming weird internet meetups. Sara, played by actress Desiree Akhavan, meets the man who inspires her and refuels her artistic dream. That vision is what led her to stay filming Aaron, who was previously named Josef. Mark Duplass, Creep and Creep 2’s writer, also plays Aaron, a murderous psychopath needing inspiration as much as Sara. The two endure each other and develop an emotional connection while filming, which is possibly the scariest part of the movie.

As a fan of Creep, I was excited to see director Patrick Brice’s new vision evolve into an even scarier concept. Without a doubt, Creep 2 is psychologically more terrifying than its predecessor. It has multiple jump scares, but with each scene, there is an ominous feeling lurking in the background. Sara is aware of Aaron’s murderous tendencies, but does not run from the challenge he brings. Her presence manages to calm Aaron, which is what keeps her alive throughout the movie, even when I thought he was going to kill her. 

Creep 2 reflects Creep in multiple ways, like the secluded cabin and Aaron’s need to be recorded. The scary ‘friend’ he created, Peach Fuzz, also makes a quick appearance while Aaron is driving Sara to a river he hopes to film at. In the first film, Josef, manages to scare his victim quite easily. In Creep 2, Aaron countlessly tries to scare Sara, but she refuses to flinch and succumb to his efforts. Towards the end of the movie, Sara manages to tape her face and jump from the corner, scaring Aaron to the ground. Her confidence and cool-headed actions were what led her to be one of my favorite characters throughout both movies. She manages to show Aaron in a less scary, more vulnerable light than he had ever been shown. 

As someone who has watched both movies close to double digits and still loves them, I am insanely excited for the third found footage movie. The third movie is in progress, but Brice and Duplass are unsure of the release date, as they are both quite busy. They have found an idea that both writers are very interested in, and hope to keep the movie focused towards its small scale origins. 

The movie will most likely make its appearance in very late December 2019 or sometime in early 2020. Be sure to watch Creep and Creep 2, then keep an eye out for the third installment for a plot Brice believes has never been seen in a horror film. 

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