Lucky Star Equine Review



Jenna Hammels Horse-Whiskey

Paige O'Dell, Independent Writer

I have always been enthralled by horses and horseback riding; often for my birthday asking to go on trail rides down in the Rocky Mountain National Park. However, this interest never had a chance to surface until my later years. I was even less interested in starting because I felt I was too old to do so, however I found an opportunity that allowed me to try.

Lucky Star Equine proved me wrong, training beginning, intermediate, and advanced equestrians from three to eighty years old. This horse management and training facility is located to the right of the frontage road in Windsor going south.

When I arrived, I was greeted by the owner and trainer, Vanessa Volkner and her mother Janice. Volkner was quick to show me around her farm, introduce me to her 25 horses, and begin helping me learn the basics of riding. Although I had experience in horses, I did not know any terminology, grooming, or safety tips. Volkner was quick to show me around her farm, introduce me to her 25 horses, and begin helping me learn the basics or riding.

“It definitely has its work cut out for me with all 25 horses, but I couldn’t have a better job,” said Volkner—and it shows. She led me into a small shed that included saddles, saddle pads, and grooming boxes. Volkner grabbed a horse that would fit my skill level and taught me how to tie his harness. My forgetful mind could not remember knots, which brushes to use, or how to pick the hooves in my first practice, but Volkner was eager to encourage me in the right direction and help me learn through her passion.

Once I was taught how to groom, we headed out to one of two arenas on the property. The fresh dirt smelled like my mother’s garden and the back of the area had a group of tall, thick oak trees that branched into the mountains in the distance. The farm is quiet and all I could hear was the sound of my horses stomping feet as my nerves settled. Volkner’s encouragement and the serenity of the farm made the experience one to never forget and one I wanted to continue.

Many people are turned away from equestrian practices because of the costly stigma it has. Although lessons and equipment can be expensive, Volkner has made it so that students can help around her farm with stall cleanings, feedings, and grooming to help with the affordability.
Lucky Star Equine also offers leasing of their current horses and boarding your own and a monthly cost. One of Volkner’s students, Jenna Hammel, who has been training since she was five is now boarding her six year old American Paint Horse, Whiskey. She considers Volkner her “other mom” and has been apart of the show team for years. Jenna is an alumni from Fossil Ridge High School and is now showing as a Freshman at Colorado State University, but still makes time to stop by Lucky Star nearly everyday.

Overall, Lucky Star had everything a beginner through advanced rider could want. Its affordability, amazing trainer, beautiful location, and countless opportunities make it a blossoming business.