Taking a stand, a group of students joins Yuda Bands in helping students afford an education.


Gigi LeBerger, Arts Writer

Helping the world around us, Sarah Person and a couple of other students at Fossil Ridge High School teamed up with Yuda Bands to help students afford an education.

Yuda Bands is a nonprofit organization primary located in Guatemala and Zimbabwe. They make handmade leather and carved coconut bracelets, which are sold in United States high schools as a service project. Each project is organized by a project leader, under the supervision of a sponsored teacher. Money raised from the sale of the seven dollar bracelet is used to send the children from developing nations to school to get an education. 

The student sponsored by our school is named Joyce. She is fifteen years old and lives in Swaziland, Africa, also known as East Swatini. Both of her parents are local farmers but do not make enough to afford to send her to school. She dreams of being a doctor, with a passion for science and math. Person and her team  are striving for 350 bracelets sold before November 24 and they are currently at eighty. 

“Being able to directly help a student in a developing nation is a unique and humbling experience. We get to talk to Joyce and meet her family over Skype at the end of the two weeks so I am hopeful that we meet our goal and excited to learn more about her life and growing up in Africa,” said Person. 

The Yuda Bands are being sold at lunch and after school in the commons, so make sure to stop by and check it out.