Yearbook in need of final photos


Anna Henning

Yearbooks are cherished for years after High School. It needs your help to be complete.

Anna Henning, Head Copy Editor

Not only is toilet paper sold out, but COVID-19 is having significant effects on the community besides preparing for the nonexistent apocalypse. Fossil Ridge High School along with hundreds of schools across the country are closing down. Besides classes, spring sports are being canceled, such as practices, meets, and competitions. According to CHSAA, sports will not resume until April 6.

Additionally, school sponsored clubs, competitions, and major events have been cancelled. Also, there is uncertainty with how the school musical Newsies will be performed.

Due to these cancellations, yearbook is struggling to fill their final pages. Pages meant to contain spring sports events and club activities are not able to be created due to a lack of photos. The final yearbook is due March 27. Final photos are due by March 23 so the staff has time to assemble the photos. If students or teachers have any photos of second semester events or competitions, add them to this folder.