How quarantine effects teen communities


This photo shows my embroidery thread and a few bracelets as well as my watercolor paint and a piece I am currently working on.

Kelly Colanto, Arts Writer

Have you seen some popular trends on social media due to the COVID-19 quarantine? Perhaps you have noticed some internet influencers, and even people from Fossil Ridge High School, dye their hair different colors. Maybe you have also wanted to do that, or you are looking to get involved in hobbies that you have wanted to do before but never quite had time. It seems like now is as good a time as any, and quarantine is revealing the prevalence of some trends when people are faced with boredom.

On social media, there is an ongoing joke that everyone is so bored in their houses, that they are either dying their hair or shaving their head. Both of these activities have become popular in the past three weeks, and they are continuing to stay at the top of the list for things to do.

Now is a perfect time to get into a new hobby that could potentially change your outlook on staying indoors all day. One of the activities many people have taken on during quarantine is expressing themselves through artwork. Personally, I have been working a lot with watercolor paint and creating many pieces for fun. The simple expense on Amazon with buying paint, paper, and brushes, has given me free rein with my art. You do not have to be an artist to create something worth looking at―anything you produce is one of a kind art.

The 2019 summer trend of making friendship bracelets has taken part in my life again, and every couple of days, I am trying new patterns and new colors with my thread. I have been attempting to create at least four bracelets or anklets a week so this has kept me pretty busy. Luckily, the thread I use for my bracelets is embroidery thread so I have taken to embroidery as well. I have been practicing my stitches on old t-shirts around the house, and have found that it is a very relaxing, yet time-consuming activity, which is exactly what we need during this time.

Another thing I have been working on is improving my style. I have been shopping online to find pieces that compliment my personal aesthetic, as well as learning new hairstyles that will elevate my overall look. With my embroidery work, I am completing custom shirts for myself that will give me unique pieces.

I am a dancer on Fossil’s dance team and during this break, I have been working on new skills and making sure to condition and stretch each day so I can stay at the top of my game and be ready to go for the new season. If you do any sports, make sure to keep up your training during this long break. Going outside and practicing your sport is an important way to stay physically healthy and happy.

Taking time to go outside, even if it is just for a few minutes, is also a great way to not go totally insane. Getting fresh air, especially in the warmer weather we have gotten, allows for you to get away from all of the stress that is currently taking place in the world. Make sure you are following all guidelines and not making contact with anyone outside of your house.

Although we are doing online school now, taking time for yourself is just as important. Make sure that you are focusing on other things outside of the quarantine, and taking this time to grow closer with your family, learn new skills, and take the necessary time away from your phone. I hope you read something here that will motivate you to try new things within the safety of your own home.