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Karen Manley

Karen Manley proudly wears her “I voted” sticker after voting for the first time.

Karen Manley

Why do you choose to vote? I have been very politically active since I was in high school, attending events such as the Women’s March, helping lead marches like the PSD Walk Out in 2018, and founding organizations like Northern Colorado Young Democrats. There are just so many issues that are important to me, from reproductive rights to environmental justice. I know I would feel guilty to just stand by without playing a part. After being active in politics for so long, to finally have the ability to vote and do something tangible in that way was very empowering.

Why do you feel it is important to vote? Participating in government is important because if only a small population of the country votes, the outcome won’t be truly representative of the people. We haven’t hit a 60% participation rate since the Nixon election. That’s fifty two years of 40% (or more!) of eligible voters being complacent. Even when neither candidate was perfect, such as 2016 or 2020, voting is crucial. No one will ever be our perfect match, we just need to move in the right direction. Also, there are tons of people who feel like their vote doesn’t matter and I get it! The electoral college can feel like it’s taking away the power of the people and silencing voices, which is discouraging. Please still vote. Statistics, outcomes in local elections, and ballot initiatives rely on it!

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