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Amnesty International raises awareness over the crisis in Ukraine through a Socratic seminar

Students discussing the Ukraine and Russia crisis. (B. Horvath)

In hopes of spreading awareness on the Ukraine and Russia crisis, Amnesty International hosted a Socratic seminar during lunch discussing various topics surrounding the issue. Anusha Venkateswaran, a member of Amnesty International, explained that the club hopes to continue to do presentations like these to raise awareness on international issues.

Amnesty International is the world’s largest human rights organization. Some of the goals are to fight injustice and promote human rights. Fossil’s Amnesty International club meets every Tuesday during lunch in room W105.

The seminar started with the history of the crisis between Ukraine and Russia followed by a group discussion. Isha Diddi, who led the discussion, explained the importance of the global effect of this crisis. Students discussed many topics such as reasons behind the invasion, the United States’ role, human rights, the importance of media, and possible solutions.

Student learns about the history of the crisis through a presentation by Isha Diddi. (B. Horvath)

It is through discussions that we get to learn more, and that is what Amnesty International hopes to do with these presentations.

“I think that kind of brings it back to what Amnesty does as well, how we are standing up for those whose rights have been taken away from them.” said Venkateswaran.

On possible solutions on the issue, one student added, “I know it’s hard, like we can’t go to all these people. But I think AI (Amnesty International) really tries to bridge the gap. So like just us [being] here is something. But there are petitions, you can donate… educate yourself. Find out more about all these things going on.”

The club’s teacher sponsor, Jacquelyn Speight, explains that for all those that have a passion for learning more about global issues, Amnesty International is the perfect club for them.

“[It’s] very, very student driven. But we also talked as a club to continue this kind of self education. So if this at all interests you, I don’t want you to think it’s schoolwork, because we do social things as well, but I just encourage you [to] come by, drop by, eat your lunch, [and] stay for part of it.” said Speight.

If you are interested in joining in on these discussions or learning more about Amnesty International, join their Google Classroom with the code 53zd34o. Do not miss out on learning more about the issues that affect the lives of millions.

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